Visualize your work » (start here!)

AgileZen organizes your work visually, letting you see and interact with your entire project at once while remaining focused on the task at hand. You can customize most aspects of AgileZen to match the way that you want to work.

Get organized »

AgileZen helps you avoid being overwhelmed by conflicting objectives. By organizing your work using visual indicators and limiting the amount of work that's in progress, you can stay in control and become more efficient.


Communicate with your team »

Teams run on efficiency of information. Through activity notifications (via email or IM), AgileZen helps everyone on your team stay informed when things happen in your projects, letting you be proactive rather than reactive when problems arise.

Find ways to improve »

We don't tell you how to get your work done. AgileZen is designed to be open-ended, so you can use it the way that works best for you. By tracking key performance metrics, Zen helps you understand how well you're doing, and identify ways to get better.